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Find your next office space or workplace rental. AirSpace Rental allows the business space seeker to interact directly with the property owner or occupant allowing for the seamless process of finding your next professional space.

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Small to mid-size businesses are the backbone of any thriving economy and community. And business entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of those very communities. Yet, according to a recent Harvard University economic study, nearly 37 percent of small businesses temporarily or permanently closed down during the pandemic. The highly respected Moody Analytics estimates that due to the slow down there has been an increase of well over 20 percent of office and business space availability. Yet, a record breaking 30 percent of new business entrepreneurs and start ups were launched at the very same time. What if there were a unique and efficient way to match existing short term or long term business spaces with new business creators? Introducing the Airspace app. 

Focused on direct interaction with owners.

Airspace is similar in functionality and flow to other popular match connecting apps. Airspace allows the business space seeker to interact directly with the property owner or occupant. The business lessor has the ability to create their own property listings for their space by uploading images, prices, date and amenities, such as parking and security cameras. In turn, the business lessee will be able to search for the desired property or space based on various criteria such as zip code, size and date range.

Perfect for businesses small to large.

Perfect for retail stores, studios, warehouses,  restaurants, cafes, hair salons, barber shops and more. Short term rentals can vary from day to day or month to month. And as also an ideal opportunity for a new business owner seeking to “test the waters” for their new service or product without signing on to a long term commitment. All transactions are directly negotiated between both parties via the Airspace message board and all fees are transacted through its secured payment system.

The meeting point.

Airspace was created by the keen and caring eye of enterpriser, Vivian Chou, who states,  “I developed Airspace during the pandemic after observing many businesses closing or slowing down in my neighborhood. I knew there must be a way to connect a business entrepreneur to a business owner with available space. Airspace is now that meeting point.” Whether you are a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur download  Airspace today in Apple Store and take the first step to a more vibrant economic tomorrow.

App Features

  • Search for business spaces

    Browse through multiple business spaces based on your location, category, size range, and price range in order to find what you're looking for.

  • Select date for potential availability

    Browse through the different dates you would like to book the space. The app will provide you with a price and confirm it's availability.

  • Create your profile to validate your account

    If you are the person looking for space or the person placing the space for rent, you have the ability to create your own personalized profile for transparency.

  • Add your own business space

    If you have a business-style space that you want to rent out, you can simply add them though the app and have it viewed by hundreds of users.



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You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download. 

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